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Lynn, John Michael II, Ali, and I would like to welcome you to the new Bennie’s website!

Our building is one hundred years old on the outside with state of the art technology on the inside.  We have gone to great lengths to restore this building’s natural beauty, yet take advantage of the new technology of today’s ever growing world.

We have some new things to offer and will offer many more new things in the future.  We are keeping the old Bennie’s recipes and hoping to add lots of new.  I would like to tell you first about our new banquet facility.  We are able to accommodate up to 80 people in an upstairs private dining area.  This room also offers a couple of internet hookups for convenience during business meetings.  Your guest will be served dinner buffet style with many of the Bennie’s favorites being served.  The standard buffet includes mostaccioli, Italian beef and rolls, green beans, corn, garlic and no garlic salads.  If you would like different items to be served there are other options which are priced accordingly.  Let us know what you want and Bennie’s will deliver.  So let us help you plan your next rehearsal dinner, birthday party, sorority event, reunion meetings and gatherings, church function, training session, or even holiday party.

In addition to our large banquet facility, we here at Bennie’s also offer a private meeting room that may be rented alone or with a meal.  Our meeting room will accommodate eight to twelve people comfortably.  This room comes equipped with fifteen places to connect to the internet which allows for business meeting and presentations.  This room may be rented for a half or whole day with no interruptions or you may choose to have wait staff that will be unobtrusive during your meeting.

In the downstairs portion of our restaurant we are now offering ADSL internet to our customers who might need a “working lunch.”  If you are conducting a working lunch of dinner, we have three booths and two tables from which you can hook up to the web.

We at Bennie’s will continue to serve the same quality food while doing our best to make each and every meal a pleasurable dining experience.  We desire to have you as a frequent customer for a lifetime.   The Hill’s truly appreciate your business.

Thank you for considering Bennie’s for all your dining experiences!